WOWSound - Informational

The Truth About 16-bit Sound Decoders
TCS WOWSound Audio Quality
WOWSound - Throttle Modes Series

Overview of TCS Throttle Modes
What is TCS Traditional Throttle Mode?
Hands-on with TCS Prototype Mode!
What is TCS Manual Notching?
WOWSound - Configuration

TCS WOWSound WOWSteam Proto-Chuff Calibration
TCS WOWDiesel Auto-Notching and Calibration
TCS WOWDiesel Dynamic Brakes
Setting up User Presets on TCS Decoders
Momentum Modes by TCS: An Overview!
TCS WOWDiesel Rotate Horn/Whistle/Bell

A Demonstration of TCS Keep Alive®
Layouts and Operation

Just Another Day at Pauldon
Meet At Clearbrook - WOWSound on the Brandywine & Benedictine