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Model Decoder
Unclip body from chassis, four lugs beside bogie.
AusTrains Class 80 T1

Brass Models

Model Decoder
This model brass import model was upgraded by adding new wheel contacts made of phosphor bronze wires installed over insulated wheels. On this model, the body is attached with 6 screws located underneath the locomotive. Just removing the screws let the body free.
Brass Models ALCO RS-18 T1

Broadway Limited Imports


Model Decoder
This model was custom painted in CN colors and modified by adding a Canadian wide nose cab. 
In order to remove the body, you will have to remove the 2 screws that hold the plastic fuel tank underneath the locomotive.
GSB SD40-2W T1


Model Decoder
Marklin 3003 T1


Northwest Shortline

Oriental Models

Model Decoder
I started by drilling out the head and rear light locations first with a 1/16 bit and then with a 3/32 drill bit. This created holes large enough to accommodate Miniatronics (18-201-10) 1.5 Volt 40mA 2.4mm bulbs. I used 330ohm 1/4 watt resistors to protect the bulbs. I replaced the original motor with a Sagami can motor. The gears and gear tower are original.  I used stick gum to attach the M1 decoder to the top of the motor. Also used stick gum to hold the bulb wires in place to the inside of the engine shell.
Oriental Models NW2 M1


Model Decoder
The BR89 or BR80 HO scale. I don’t know exactly because it is a toy from PIKO starter set.  It was my first locomotive. This locomotive is twenty years, is still produced, and very popular In Poland. Last time I decided converted it to DCC.
Piko BR89 MC2

Precision Craft Models

Red Ball

Model Decoder
This model is a brass import model. The body is attached with normally 8 screws located underneath the locomotive. There are 2 screws that retain the front truck bolster and 2 more for the rear truck bolster.  Four (4) more screws are keeping the motor platform in place. Just removing all the screws will release the body free.
Red Ball Trainmaster T1





Model Decoder
To remove the body, un-screw the retaining screw located above the front pony truck.
Wrenn Duchess Class LMS T1
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